Leveraging on our extensive research & development and global affiliation with like minded experts in the same field, we have formulated a massive success formula which we called, "Human Technology"


This formula which we have formulated has been credited by Diabetics, Hypertense, Obese and other related individuals who have benefited from it, to have massively influence their lives and spurred them towards balanced Physical, Emotional and Mental wellbeing bringing about wholesome oneness.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Diabetic Management¬†Protocol

Diabetic is widely known as silent killer and as progressive chronic disease.  Our extensive research has proven that it is NOT as claimed. In this program we engage and work with individual that are Type 2 diabetic. We coach them towards attainment of better lifestyle and self management resulting in better managed diabetic and reduction in medicine or insulin intake.

  • Obesity Management¬†Protocol

Obesity has been a growing health related challenge from the 1970s. Varied form of treatment is available in the global marketplace but most of all could only provide a short term solution thus with time the individuals will reset back to their original weight. Our program digs deeper into the root cause, examine what, how and why obese scientifically. Based on that, this program coaches the individuals to manage obese, leaving them with a thorough scientific yet simple understanding on how to keep them lean progressively. All these are done without any introduction of medicines and taking into account the current fast moving lifestyle.